Kitchen Islands at Flooring USA in Stuart

Kitchen Island at Flooring USA in Stuart, FL

Before installing a kitchen island in Stuart, take these factors into consideration

You should think about a few factors before installing a kitchen island, but they may provide your kitchen with the much-needed counter space. One of the worst outcomes is installing the island only to find out it isn't useful or doesn't add the extra space you planned. The effects of an island should be considered.

The quantity of room that is available

This is applicable to the area around the island, not to the island itself. Give the island 36 to 40 inches on either side to accommodate normal kitchen circulation. This translates into a distance of up to 4 feet between the island and your current counters. Insufficient room will cause you to bump into the island, other countertops, or even your loved ones.


Are you planning to utilize this as seats as well, or is it just an island? If you want to add something to this island, like a breakfast bar, you'll need to make some adjustments. There must be at least 24 inches between each seat when it comes to seating standards in order to prevent guests from feeling cramped.


Each island is special. Making sure it can be used for the purposes for which it was designed is crucial. Do you often pursue your love of baking? Do you prefer cooking every meal here? You do the dishes, right? Maybe a bit of extra counter space so you can serve meals when you have visitors? Make sure your plans for your island are specific to your requirements.

Closed or Open Shelves

The majority of islands include storage below them in addition to counter space. To display your dinnerware in this area, you may either construct extra cabinets or use open shelf units. Your lifestyle will determine this. Do you have a dog who may tip over some plates and shatter them? Open shelves might not be the best option in that situation.


Almost always, islands are created upon request. Despite the availability of ready-made alternatives, the majority of islands are built according to the homeowner's specifications. Now think of conveniences like built-in cutting boards, dishwashers, and USB charging ports, among others. There are many options available here, and it's important to consider your extras now because it will be more challenging to add them later.



There are a wide variety of materials that may be used for your island, and the only real way to select the foundation and countertop options is to consider your lifestyle. Do you have kids that frequently spill things and mark your countertops? Use a non-porous material that won't absorb spills if that is the case. Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals? If so, it is best to stay away from materials that are easily broken or chipped.

Additionally, you may choose the finish for your cabinets and shelves, which will probably go well with the color scheme of your present kitchen.

After an overview of crucial components, let's look at some advantages of your new kitchen island!

  • Kitchen islands provide a ton of storage.
  • Children can play and complete their homework there.
  • Hosting events will be improved with more room for chairs and a counter.
  • It will be simpler to live if your island has more amenities.
  • With virtually endless material, color, and design possibilities, an island may significantly improve the look and value of your house.

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