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Caring For Your Laminate Floor

Laminate is available in a wide range of materials, tiles, and distinctive designs. Choosing your specific design can be just what you need to bring the room together. Making sure your floor maintains its beautiful appearance is just as important as selecting it in the first place. Here are a few ways to easily keep your floor in prime shape for years to come.

Mats or rugs at entryways

To prevent dirt, sand, and oil from being tracked onto your floor, it is important to lay mats at entryways, as with any type of flooring. Over time, your laminate might get dull and scratched by dirt and rocks. This can easily happen from your pets, visitors, etc. Without a mat or rug, the laminate will slightly damage over time and possibly worsen the appearance of your floor in this high traffic area.

Sweep and mop tips

Regular vacuuming is a very smart way to maintain your laminate flooring. This will keep debris from staying on the surface too long and permanently damaging your floor. A dry dust mop is another healthy method for occasional cleaning. If necessary, a moist mop can be utilized. Never use a wet mop on laminate flooring, and never let water sit on the surface. Warping, swelling, and joint separation can occur as a result of water seeping into the flooring.

Prepare for pets

Keeping an eye on your pet is important for the overall durability of your floor. Putting a mat or rug near their space will protect your floor for years to come. Another tip is to get your pets nails regularly trimmed to avoid scratches and permanent damages to your laminate flooring. This will always occur once or twice but limiting the damage your pet can do is one of the best ways to maintain your floors durability.

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