5 tips to maintaining tile flooring

5 Tips to Maintaining Tile Flooring in Stuart, FL 

1. Clean Messes Quickly

Some of the smallest stains will leave the biggest impact on your new flooring. If these are not cleaned as soon as you notice them, you may risk damaging your flooring permanently and therefor having to have it corrected by a professional. Start with a simple but effective cleaner and research other cleaning products if this does not work. Cleaning these messes quickly will result in no damage to your floor and keep it looking elegant and brand new. 

2. Mats or Rugs for Extra Protection

A mat or rug at the entry ways of your home can make a huge impact on the longevity of your floor. The first areas of a new floor to receive damage or wear and tear is the entrance or exit of your home. Having extra protection will not only be a peace of mind for you but will also help this section remain as elegant as the rest of your room.

3. Don’t Use Harsh Cleaning Products 

Using harsh cleaning products can ultimately cause permanent damages to your flooring that will need a professional to fix. Some of these products include abrasive cleaners that might damage your stone or the sealant, as well as vinegar, lemon juice, or other acids that are present in bathroom cleansers intended for bathtubs, toilets, or grout. When using these products, you can easily damage your floors design or look which will have an everlasting effect on your floor.

4. Be Careful Mixing Chemicals to Clean

Chemical reactions that you might not have expected or anticipated might result from mixing substances. Never combine chemicals unless the instructions clearly say to. Mixing these chemicals can have an immediate and permanent damage impact on your floor that will be impossible to fix without professional assistance. Make sure to read all directions and research your chemicals before mixing these to clean your tile or stone flooring. 

5. Clean floors regularly 

Cleaning floors regularly allows for your floor to remain durable and luxurious for years to come. Regular sweeping or vacuuming and wet mopping with stone cleaner are recommended. You could also use warm water and a light vegetable soap to help give your floors a healthy shine. Daily mopping can also be done with warm water to help keep your floors fresh and brand-new look. 

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